Ethics in Large Scale Trials & User Generated Content


What is this workshop about?


    CHI 2011 - Vancouver, May 7th

    Room: 220


    University of Glasgow

        Matthew Chalmers

        Donald McMillan

        Alistair Morrison

    Mobile Life Centre / SICS

        Henriette Cramer

        Mattias Rost

    In Situ, INRIA

        Wendy Mackay


As new technologies are appropriated by researchers, the community must come to terms with the evolving ethical responsibilities we have towards participants. This workshop brings together researchers to discuss the ethical issues of running large-scale user trials, and to provide guidance for future research.

Trials of the scale of 10s or 100s of thousands of participants offer great potential benefits in terms of attracting users from vastly different geographical and social contexts, but raise significant ethical challenges. The inability to ensure or confirm user understanding of the information needed to provide informed consent and the problems involved in making users understand the implications of information being collected all beg the question:

How can researchers ethically take advantage of the opportunities

these new technologies afford?

Join us at CHI in Vancouver and let’s find out!

Important Information

Submission: Friday, January 28th    Notification: Friday, February 25th    Workshop:Saturday, May 7th

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